Need a gift for your local holiday tacky sweater party?

With the upcoming holidays, we all get to dust off our tacky sweaters and crash holiday parties!  Anything goes at these holiday events, just make sure you bring a little something for the hostess.  This is by far my favorite hostess gift. It’s super simple to make and everyone loves it. I have so much fun picking out the coordinating towels and napkins. There are several variations, so be as creative as you like…but most importantly once they open the gift you can open the bottle!
What you’ll need: 

Bottle of wine (enjoy!), 1 tea towel, 1 pack cocktail napkins, ribbon, 1 tacky holiday sweater, & a rubber band


1. Spread out the tea towel and set the wine bottle in the middle

2. Pick up the sides of the towel and gather around the bottleneck, secure with a rubber band.

3. Place cocktail napkins on the front of the wine bottle and secure with ribbon.

Voila! The quickest and cutest holiday gift!

Create & Enjoy!

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