B’s Birthday

“Beer Cake”

As we know, I am a baker. I love all things sweet! B on the other hand, would pick a steak anyday over one of my (beautiful and tasty) cakes. So, in honor of his birthday I made him the beer cake. After years of baking him various cookies and cakes, I think I finally nailed it!

Happy Birthday CB!

What you will need:

  1. 30 or 24 pack beer
  2. Cake Rounds (8”, 10” and 12” worked well. You can find these in the cake decorating section of your craft store)
  3. Ribbon for decoration



Stack the beer cans onto the cake rounds, starting with the largest cake round at the bottom.


Keep making tiers until you like the way your cake looks.

Mine used about 11 cans on the bottom, 9 cans in the middle and 4 cans on the top.



Cut the ribbon and tie it around each tier. (I just taped the ribbon to secure it).


Add curly gift bows to the top for a cake topper.


Not only is this cake practical for the non-sweets eaters, but it also serves as a great centerpiece!




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