Diaper Babies

I recently made these tiny tots for a baby “Sprinkle” and they turned out too cute!

They are a simple and fun craft for anyone to make and also make great decorations

for the baby shower. Mommy-to-be also gets to take them home

(and take them apart to put all the goodies to use!)

What you’ll need:


16 Baby diapers (I used newborn size. You could also do this with cloth diapers though)

8 Baby washcloths (make sure you get baby washcloths not regular, because they are much softer and easier to work with, and of course this way the Mommy-to-be actually can use them for the baby!)

8 Baby socks

8 Rubberbands

Black marker (or you could use googly eyes)

First, stack 2 diapers on top of each other. Gently roll them up into one cylinder shaped roll. Secure with a rubber band.



Fold the baby washcloth so that the bottom third is folded up. Place the diaper cylinder on the washcloth. Fold the bottom of the washcloth so that it covers half of the diaper cylinder.



Fold the side into a triangle upwards. Then pull the washcloth across the diaper cylinder like you are swaddling the “baby.” Repeat on the other side. Secure the “Swaddle” by tucking it into the washcloth or the rubberband underneath.



Put one baby sock on the “baby’s” head. (You can roll it up a bit or leave it sticking up on the top, whatever you prefer.)


Finally, draw eyes onto the diaper (or glue on eyes if you are using googly eyes) and you’re tiny diaper baby is complete!

Repeat until you have a whole set of octuplets! 🙂



Happy Crafting!



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