Map of Love

Ok…First I just have to say, this is one of my favorite projects that I have ever created. One of my best friends was getting married and I kept racking my brain for the perfect gift. I kept finding personalized gifts available for sale online, and when I came across some personalized maps, I thought of my friend and all the different places where life events have happened for her (If you have friends that met or have gotten engaged in different cities, it will really make the project extra cute!) After looking at many of the maps for sale, I said to myself “I can make that!” So here you are…

First, I found a frame with 3 openings (5×7) I wanted 3 so that I could include where they met, where they got engaged, and where they got married. However, you could do 2 or 4 or even just 1 large map.

photo 2-8

Second, I got some simple stickers at the craft store- black letters and small red hearts. ( I also had some extras that I didn’t end up using in the final product- I debated writing their new last name in larger letters at the top of the mat, but decided against it-you could still do this if you prefer).

photo 1-7

Third, I went online to google maps (yes, I just printed the maps myself with a good printer) I had to adjust the map sizes a couple times and decide how much I wanted to “zoom in” on the city.

Then, I simply cut the maps to 5×7 rectangles to fit in the frame.

photo 3-6

I added one small red heart sticker on the specific city where each event took place.

Then, I used the black lettering stickers to write short phrases under each map on the mat.

Lastly, put the mat and frame back together and you’re done!

photo 4-4

I really was so pleased with the way this gift turned out, and thanks to my friends for always traveling and allowing me to create such an exciting array of maps 😉

Congrats again to my friends, Stephen & Michelle!

Happy Crafting!


P.S. This better be hanging on the wall when I come visit 😉